"This is a great bakery restaurant on Front Street in Coupeville. Upstairs at street level they offered several breakfast sandwiches (wraps with plain, wheat or spinach dough, and scrambled eggs and other stuff inside, depending on which sandwich you choose), and various choices of desserts, including their out of this world blueberry scones. If you want a more restaurant-like experience, you can walk down the stairs outside to a lower level where they have restaurant service and a larger menu. Both the bakery level and restaurant level look over the water. The coffee is very good, and there are tables in the bakery level to sit down and eat. Servers behind the counter were very friendly. This is not fast food, as everything is cooked to order, so you may wait ten minutes or so to get your order."

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Ashes, Philadelphia

"We ate breakfast here on a weekday AM in late April 2013, we had a nice table by the window with a nice view and the food was delicious, very well prepared and the scone we got on the way out was excellent! Note that this is pretty small restaurant and seating is somewhat limited, on an April weekday AM we had no trouble getting a table but quite a bit of the seating was occupied..."

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Charles, Tucson

"Best Lunch in the Northwest – Homemade soups and sandwiches, with giant salads (too big). Baked goods are to die for, my favorite being the "sticky buns". I am not a breakfast person, but have been told they cook an awsome breakfast on weekends. Prices are good, portions are big, people are nice."

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Gskroon, Goirle

"Soup and Sandwich is the best on the planet...and if you want to be "bad" their cinnamon rolls are killer."

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CJMkee, Seattle

"Best Lunch Hands Down. Great food, great views, nice staff. What more can you say, these people have been doing this for 37 years and they obviously get it right! My kids beg me to take them there (they are now adults!!). Shrimp Bisque every Saturday is to die for."

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Shepherd, Washington

"Had a sandwich and a Greek Chili they had that day. Think tomato basil soup plus garbanzo beans, slices of kalamata olives, and a few other tasty ingredients. So good! Everything was excellent."

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Leo, Michigan

"Great food, with a wonderful view. I always go back whenever I am on Whidbey. Next year will be their 40th Anniversery. They must be doing something right! Wonderful selection of soups. I recently had a very interesting soup (African Peanut)."

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Shepherd, Bellevue

"We stayed in Coupeville this past weekend and I can happily say we found this delightful little restaurant / bakery to have some breakfast at! It was pretty popular and busy but we only had a 10 minute wait, which we spent walking on the beach since this location sits right on the beach.
We were pretty hungry so we got a sticky bun, cream cheese marionberry bear claw, blueberry pancakes, and a scramble that was made with local in season veggies, we also added ham to the scramble. Everything was delicious! I especially loved the bear claw, which wasn't too sweet but just perfect. The toast that came with the scramble was awesome, they of course make their own bread! As if we hadn't had enough, we got a marionberry pie to go... Which got snarfed up that evening, so good!
The staff from the hostess to our server were super nice and prompt. Great service and great food mean on future trips to Coupeville the Knead & Feed will definitely always be a stop on our list, put it on yours too!"

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Jamie, Woodinville

"Awesome place to eat. The food and service was really great! The employees made you feel welcomed in their small little town. They had such enthusiasm in their jobs it made me want to stay there all day and hang out. Unfortunately, the place is rather small.
The cinnamon bun was the best tasting bun I have ever had. My husband and I had to share it while we drove to Port Angeles. I didn't need to eat dinner once we got to our destination. The bun took care of that for me!"

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Matuer, Chuluota